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Get the investment advice, council and other financial planning services you need from our experienced team.

We make the planning process simple and rewarding—even fun. Simply tell us about your situation and leave the rest to us.
We will present you with an investment portfolio tailored specifically to your needs. We'll conduct periodic reviews with you and answer any financial questions you have whenever they arise. You'll also enjoy 24-hour online access to your Raymond James Investment account.



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Our Investment Philosophy:
"Rule #1- don't lose money.
Rule #2- don't forget rule #1;
Manage RISK then manage Return!"

We are accountable to those we serve.
We listen to our clients and strive to find undividualized solutions to their needs.
We take our commitments very seriously
and keep them faithfully. The Granville Investment Group was built on a foundation
of quality, value, strength and integrity.
We are there for our clients family when
they need us most.



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